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1220mm Wide Fixed Snow Plough

1220mm Wide Fixed Snow Plough *inc carriage
SNOW PLOUGH FMP 1525 R Picture

1220mm Wide Fixed Snow Plough


Fork Mounted Snow Ploughs offer a fixed blade position which clears the snow to the left. As standard it is

fitted with a steel wear strip along the bottom edge of the blade. Castors and rubber blade inserts are available as

optional extras.

Our Fork Mounted Snow Plough should be pushed along with the blade wear strip (rubber depending on model) just in

contact with the surface to be cleared.

To fit; simply ensure screw clmaps are loosened enought to allow fork entry, then simply drive the truck slowly forwards

into the pockets until as far in as possible. Then simply re-tighten the screw clamps.

Cost - *includes carriage

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