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Mobile Yardramps - Deluxe Ramps - Type 9 - Standard Ramp Total Max load 10000kg

Mobile Yardramps - Deluxe Ramps - Type 9 - Standard Ramp Total Max load 10000kg (SKU: CH-SMY-24-9036-FW-9 )


Mobile Yardramps - Deluxe Ramps - Type 9 - Standard Ramp Total Max load 10000kg

Mobile Yardramps

Mobile Yardramps
Mobile YardrampsMobile YardrampsMobile YardrampsMobile YardrampsMobile YardrampsMobile Yardramps
  • For fast and efficient loading and unloading of containers/trailers by fork truck particularly when no loading bay is available.
  • At Thorworld we pride ourselves in supplying you with the ramp which is most suitable for your application ie. whether it is being used occasionally or continuously over multi-shift operations.
  • Our full range is detailed below, with a range of our accessories shown HERE.
  • Or HERE to view a simplified comparison chart of all ramps.
  • Available to rent, for short, medium or long-term hire, and to buy on a sale or return basis.
  • Thorworld Yardramps are renowned for their quality and strength, and for the availability of specialist engineers.
  • All our ramps have been independently tested, meet the latest European standards and directives, and carry the CE mark.
  • All our yardramps are designed, tested and approved using four wheeled fork trucks. If three wheeled trucks are to be used this puts extra point loading onto flooring and as a result additional flooring supports will be required to prevent damage. Please contact us for further information.
  • All our ramps are suitable for indoor or outdoor operation and storage.
  • Thorworld’s maintenance service is available for all ramps.
  • All our ramps are manufactured at our factory in Derbyshire, England, allowing us to supply bespoke designs if required.

Selecting The Right Ramp

Operationally there are two distinct styles of ramps to suit your preferred method of entry and towing:

  • Integrated entry type: Constant slope along full incline section of ramp. Movement by standard FLT fork secured into towing hitch.
  • Folding entry type: Entry ramps fold up to allow towing behind a FLT via external towing pocket. Fixed entry angle to ramp, regardless of ramp height before transition onto main incline section.

Our ramps are also categorised by usage:

  • Standard: Ideal for the majority of situations where ramps are used. These represent our most economic range of ramps for standard use.
  • Deluxe: The Deluxe ramps are our most popular mobile yard ramps; designed for situations where heavier usage will be encountered; e.g. continual use in a one-shift operation.
  • Super Deluxe: Required for heavy-duty, continual multi-shift usage or 24/7 operation. These are our most robust and durable products, and are required for the harsh conditions typically seen in the recycling industry and similar environments.

Common Features

All models include:

  • Hydraulic operation through the use of a double acting manual handpump (electrical pump upgrade available for most ramps) (see fig.1).
  • Serrated open grid deck for positive traction in all weather conditions (see fig.2).
  • A full width, 300mm deep exit lip for location into vehicle, and 300mm high side rails (see fig.3)
  • 1.8 m of safety chain on each side for securing ramp to container or trailer (see fig.4).

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